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Most original cancellation reason ever?

24 August 2013 12:28

Quote from SuzyMonty
Just witnessed the biggest 'no show' of models ever seen in my entire modelling career...

The lovely model Emma Mckay organised a Networking Meeting today, for models and photographers alike, with military  precision, with a view to having images from the proposed beach shoot there, used for a charity calendar in aid of a local Cornwall children hospice.

She put a lot of pre-work into this and did excellent good publicity for the event...and a whole list of models said they'd turn up.

Today dawns - bright and sunny day, perfect for the beach shoot - transport arranged to take models 4 miles up the beach nr. rocks and caves, well away from general public...Food is arranged and promotional clothing all sorted with the help of local bar/beach cafe. Lifeguards say, all is safe for the location. The surf looked glorious as potential back-drop.

TEN photographers turn up on time, at agreed meeting place, including myself...and of course Emma, who was over seeing the paperwork for the day's shoot...and we wait and wait, and NO other models turn up at all...

Some models let Emma know why they couldn't go - fair enough, but others didn't even have the courtesy to ring or text her. She was, understandably very disappointed and some of the photographers involved had travelled a fair distance to be there, so can only guess what they felt.

We all managed to raise a small pot of money for the children's hospice, but nothing like the amount, had the calendar shoot gone ahead properly and been published. 

Neil Hartley, photographer and Emma's partner was going to do the graphics for calendar for free - it could have been a stunner and raised a goodly amount.

Really can't understand the work ethics of some models...Orginal cancellation? The models didn't even 'HAVE' an excuse...they just didn't turn up. Felt very sorry for Emma & co. Great shame...

This is so sad. I worked once with Emma and know how much the business she and Neil are building up means to them. Also, not only is she a brilliant, beautiful model, she's just such a lovely, down to earth person and truly didn't deserve this to happen to her.

24 August 2013 12:59

Emma should take a photo of the beach and sea, "paint" matchstick models onto it and write names to match the matches, and post said image on her portfolio.

Jimmy Lee is off-line
25 August 2013 06:47

United Kingdom

Quote from PeterH
"My mum wants me to be a prostitute instead"

(And it was a genuine business decision, not a disgusted parents rant)

Parents always want the best for their children.

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02 September 2013 07:16

United Kingdom

These posts always make me smile so much. I would never ever advise any model to work with me. Sadly granny dies, sisters in hospital, car gets smashed of course by somebody else, the trains are no longer running and a rash appears on the face.. a small spot appears (somewhere) to name only a few but the list goes on and on. All these happen the day before shoots - so be careful and be warned!!!

I'm not sure if they are the best but I've heard them all.

10 October 2013 10:52

"bad reaction to a wasp sting... only just got of hospital now" (sent 24hrs after the shoot)

"my boyfriend has hidden the car keys" (15mins before the shoot - actually sounded genuine as this was on the phone and she was really upset)

Or last nights favourite... "I forgot I have a college exam so can't make tomorrows shoot. sorry."

John Croft is off-linePlatinum Member
10 October 2013 16:08

United Kingdom
Tyne and Wear
Newcastle upon Tyne

Organised shoot with a model a few years ago. Everything organised told her would see her the following weekend she was fine with that. Following weekend gets everything loaded into car. Text her to say was on way. Gets a reply 'Oh thought you were not going to turn up so decided to go out for the day with my boyfriend!'

Last year another model no showed then text me later to say her battery had died and could we shoot the following day instead. Agreed to meet at 12 the following day. 11 the next day text from model she's not going to be able to make it as she cannot get ready in time!

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