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Mike Croshaw is off-line
28 August 2013 05:38
United Kingdom

Well done for making this public, I was not surprised but still found the details quite shocking. I hope the victims do come forward and something gets done about this.

28 August 2013 07:00

That blog was certainly an eye opener Iain.  I always thought ***** was run by a female, shows how naive I am.  Good, and brave of you to name him because I hear of this sort of thing going on with regularity now and the girls won't name them.  This was how Jimmy Saville was able to operate for so long and never got caught.  I heard a similar story back in the late 1980's from a model and her unwanted advances from a certain ******* tycoon.  But I am not prepared to name here.
My doctor told me I've only got 6 months to live. Then I told him I couldn't pay him... so he gave me another 6 months.

28 August 2013 07:19

Well done Iain, Awareness leads to prevention.

Kind Regards Paul

Purestorm is off-line
28 August 2013 07:31

United Kingdom
East Sussex

Quote from IainT
The bottom line is that Purstorm have done all they can, they have given me a forum and a lot of leeway to highlight this and I have gone as far as I can by contacting the relevant Police Department and establishing awareness and a point of contact. It really is now up to the victims to do the rest.

For the record: Purestorm's Moderators and Management discussed what to do about this person
before he came off the Sex Offender's Register and the unanimous verdict of all present was
that even though he had served out his penalty we did NOT wish to allow him membership.

We cannot take action against photographer members or models who work professionally with/for him
unless they break Purestorm's rules but we reserve the right to Suspend any member who attempts to
recruit models on behalf of non-members ~ and that includes those Model members who scout on his behalf.

See Terms of use & Help And Advice & ~§~ Policy Statement ~§~   

IainT has done the groundwork and is willing to act as a point of contact we are now Locking before
it drifts off-topic and we have moved it to the top of Models General Chat where it will not be lost.

Update 21 Feb 17 : Philip Sutcliffe (AKA Fiona Cooper) Gets 4 Years

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