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Model day with Fizzy on Saturday 10th August in mid Sussex

Sussex Studio is off-line
19 July 2013 16:52
United Kingdom
West Sussex

Fizzy is available in Sussex , modelling lingerie to artistic nude, having travelled from Newcastle , on Saturday 10th August. The inclusive rate is £40 ph with refreshments.

Three slots in the afternoon have already been booked : there are only four slots left 3 in the Morning and one later in the afternoon.

The studio offers indoor sets/natural light and also sets in the woodland outside which is not overlooked.

Please contact us or her for further information.
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Fizzy is off-line
20 July 2013 04:18
United Kingdom
Tyne and Wear
Newcastle upon Tyne

Sorry, just a slight correction. It's 35ph for this particular studio day. I'm offering a slight reduction on my rates.
Art nude model - £35ph

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