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Natasha Kalashnikova

Bob is off-linePlatinum Member
23 June 2013 07:51
United Kingdom

Quote from paulbatterbury
Her page is here Bob.

I was asking Angling about Natalia Vodanova's profile as I can't find it.

23 June 2013 10:34

Quote from paulbatterbury
Do you know what, some of the negative comments I find funny..
I feel that these people have just commented out of spite and in need of some form of attention, reading their profiles and pages.
There are photographers and models that are just naturally talented or have a gift for what they do. If such a persons seem to be doing better than you, then the issue is not them, it is with yourself. A big issues with many models and photographers is where they mentally picture themselves. 
If you have time to post negative comments, then clearly you are not using that time to work or find it. Negativity ruins creativity, it not difficult to post rude and comments of criticism. You do not have to be highly educated or intelligent to do so and it only serves to show what a bad, negative and disgruntled person you are. I frequently get put of working with models, by what they post on Facebook and Twitter, due to this.
I work every day, long hours and have done for 10 years, there is always something I can improve on, or new to try and so do most of the models I work with. There are some very good models on Purestorm, in the past I created a thread on Cat O’Connell who is a good and again popular model. But these many good models do not use the forums, because of some of the type of persons who left comments on this thread. 
If anyone has a personal issue due to the above, or any other model that has achieve the same, similar or more, then they need to deal with it themselves, and if they can’t, it would be time to consider giving up modelling or photography because it is clearly not for them and the long they stick at it, the bigger their insecurities will become.

Professional admiration is not creepy, and if you like someone’s work, maybe you should tell them, hey you might make a friend and it could lead on to work and achieving something you wanted to do.

Well said Paul!

Three nights ago I was at the disco Man I was doing the bump I was raring to go!!! Nikon & loving it!

Toxic is off-line
23 June 2013 13:23

United Kingdom

I had the pleasure of working with Natasha a few weeks ago and I was very impressed, 1st class in all departments and boy can she model! Credit where credit is due and this young lady deserves loads.

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