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June Model Days & Training Events, Reading

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14 June 2013 18:19
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Pauls-Studio Courses

People see the ads for Pauls-Studio days or location group shoot events and don't realise that they are only part of the story. My main business is tuition. For the last five years, Pauls-Studio has been training photographers of all abilities in all aspects of studio photography from portrait to Glamour including Art Nude and Erotic.

Tuition can cover the basics of using your camera, through studio and outdoor lighting, to posing that really works.

The unique selling point is that Pauls-Studio courses are customised to your levels of experience and objectives

Tell me the skills you need or your objectives and I will incorporate the topics into your training session. Courses run from 2 hours upwards, depending on what you want to learn. Typical subjects include, a basic starter, portraiture, glamour, nude and adult styles.

Each training session includes, tuition, professional model and fully equipped studio. For more details please sign up for the newsletter and contact Paul via the Pauls-Studio website.

For further details please check the Pauls-Studio website:

June Events At Pauls-Studio

June is looking good at Pauls-Studio, here is a list of what's organised so far but the best way to keep current is to sign up to the Newsletter here:
For booking details please check the Pauls-Studio website:

Fawna Latrisch - Saturday 15th June, Retro Fashion and Glamour Weekend
Limited Availability

A very special weekend for all retro fans. Fawna Latrisch is a very popular and talented model who is great in the nude and glamour genre and especially when shooting the retro styles of the 40s and 50s.

Fawna will be available for all types of modelling up to adult, in retro or current styles.

Fawna Latrisch - Sunday 16th June, Retro Fashion and Glamour Weekend
Limited Availability

The retro weekend continues on Sunday with Fawna available for all types of modelling up to adult, in retro or current styles.

Miss Pixie - Saturday 22nd June
Places Available

Miss Pixie needs no introduction, a versatile model with a wealth of experience and the reputation for the "Best Bum In The Business"!

Esprit - Sunday 23nd June
Places Available

Esprit is a naturally creative Art Nude model, confident and easy to work with, Esprit also does fashion and glamour but excels at Art Nude.
Image Courtesy of Orson Carter

Madame Bink - Sunday 28th July
Places Available

Madame Bink returns to Pauls-Studio bringing her skills in classic nude work combined with glamour and pretty much what ever style you want to shoot.

Hannah Zebedee & Rebecca Leah Duo Day - Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th August

Announced Early so you can book early! - Places Available

Here is a real treat! Two great models combine forces for a duo shoot weekend. They will posing together (to soft levels) and there will be choice of bedroom and lounge room sets.
Pauls Studio & Events

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