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Hats off to those who responded

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28 May 2013 10:04
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I'd just like to comment not on a thread (as its locked) but about a thread.

I'm referring to  'Do I stay here or do I run like hell' .

The recent model forum request for emergency help/advice from a model in what could have been a difficult situation, being advised by members in real time was indeed something to be applauded. All too often we see the forums being used in a negative way to slag off models/photographers for varying reasons and even belitte and bully each other but this was an superb example of positive use, which in my opinion should be noted.
I'm relieved that the situation didn't end badly and the model resolved the situation safely, but hats off to those that were able to respond to her at the time when it was needed.

Just felt I had to say this.
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28 May 2013 10:23

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The thread had to be locked to both prevent possible action being taken against Purestorm
and to ensure an innocent ex-member was not wrongly 'outed' by the witch-hunting mob.
The topic starter and the Team have been discussing off-forum and she understands the issues.
Indeed her last words to the Duty Moderator were: "Many thanks."

In cases like this it is usually better to Contact us as we can often offer advice in private which cannot be publicly posted.

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28 May 2013 12:47
United Kingdom

I think most of us understand why the thread was locked.

I must agree with the OP that it was nice to see people rallying round to offer sensible support in real-time.

The baying mob was probably in the wings but the nice-guys got in first, for a change.
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