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"Professional" and "Very Experienced"?

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Skymouse is off-lineGold Member
19 June 2013 18:56
United Kingdom

Surely we're all here for 'business', whether you're a professional hoping to attract new clients or an amateur wanting to snap naked models! The majority of us probably fall somewhere in between but if we're paying a subscription, we expect something from the site.

Aside from those who use it solely as a portfolio hosting site and/or for Forum participation, I'd agree it's generally business of some kind or another, whether one is buying or selling.
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19 June 2013 19:05
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Quote from skymouse

They might not be bothered. A great portfolio for some doesn't confer a benefit compared with a more basic one. I would (quite rightly) attract the ire of my work colleagues if I wasted the company's time compiling an art gallery when my membership here is supposed to be to help in hiring models, which it already does with my lacklustre portfolio.

On one of the sites I work for, I have posted 111,319 photographs as of this Monday (not to mention over 133 hours of video). Almost any of these photographs would be removed by the Purestorm admin because they are inappropriate for use in a publicly accessible part of Purestorm.  The same situation holds for much of the other sites where my stuff goes.

Now, I don't classify myself as a "professional photographer" (nor as "experienced" for that matter), but if I did it would be entirely because of my work and related structures, not because I pleased or didn't please someone on a portfolio hosting site who has no relationship with my business.

Fair enough. Particularly on here I stick to technically good and all round inoffensive I direct pro photographers doing castings here and the odd talent scout. Other interested parties other sites. I'm capable of pulling off the odd catalogue still and those clients don't need to see anymore than necessary perhaps some of the mods you refer to just dont understand about markets. This isn't really the sort of platform to be on as a model if its not commercially viable in terms of the work you offer or do. I'm not sure I'd be bothered staying in a community that had nothing to offer me I'm busy enough. Just seems strange to me.

Unless it's a case of your agent thinking its a glorious idea and setting it up for you. They ALWAYS mess things up. Fallen foul of similar things myself. Thinking about it maybe these profiles are being set up by those appropriately maligned "managerdudes" who charge 50% ruin girls potential careers and generally powertrip all over the shop?

Who knows the inner workings and motives, I've uglied up to get out of things before. I still don't really get it though.

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22 June 2013 14:48
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United Kingdom
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A profile / portfolio should contain accurate and honest information ... for most models its their CV. It should contain enough images highlighting their capabilities including their  ability  to change  image ... the more images the better. If a model cannot be bothered in doing this... then I can't be bothered offering her paid work.  Professional (nowadays and 'on the street' is more associated with attitude.
Fed up to the back teeth with models contacting me and when I ask can they link me to profiles that contain a selection of their work ... I get 3 or 4  images here and there. I have enough experience in this industry to know if you don't have a professional attitude toward your profiles (CVs) then you will be below average in reality.
Your Profile is your CV in the first instance ... make it appealing and as attractive as possible to prospective employers.
This is only my opinion based on my experiences.

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