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anyone know how to get in to films

05 May 2013 14:29

Spotlight, Equity and Casting Call Pro, require at least 3-4 professional paid credits, and/or accredited drama school training for entry.
Spotlight is essential to be taken seriously in the industry and they don't accept unpaid work, shorts, commercials, music videos or online work as 'professional' credits.

While I agree getting practice in front of a camera is great, don't spend lots of money with out having some training behind you first.

Glasgow Photographer is off-line
05 May 2013 14:41
United Kingdom

There is a lot of local movie makers everywhere with some better than others of course. Many make shorts and are always looking for actors to participate. Generally no budget no pay deals but it gives you the chance to get in front of the camera and show what you can do.

Not sure about your area but Google or search Youtube for the area you live in - indie film makers etc.

It's a good start to get to know others who aspire to be in movies.
Regards, George

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