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Studio-Model Day.....Saturday 11th May. Near Bath, somerset.

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ALICIA, Model/Studio Day

Following on from my first few studio days, which were very successful, I am organising one for Saturday 11th May 2013.

The model is not on this site (or any) If you would like a few pictures, let me know & I will send via email.

Time slots for this studio day are……10.00am ­ 11.00am,
11.10am ­ 12.10pm
12.20pm ­ 1.20pm,
(1.20pm ­ 2.00pm ­ lunch break)
2.00pm ­ 3.00pm,
3.10pm ­ 4.10pm,
4.20pm ­ 5.20pm,
5.30pm ­ 6.30pm,
6.40pm ­ 7.40pm

Costs for this day ­ ONE hour £40.00 BRILLIANT VALUE FOR MONEY!
NO ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS for multiple hours, but the 10 minutes swap over period will be a bonus if doing more than 1 hour. No short notice deals! If you want a slot, you’ll need to book it! Levels will be up to and including adult.
A deposit of 50% will be payable upon booking your slot(s). This can be done over the phone by credit or debit card. The balance on the day will be required in cash please.

For anybody, who hasn¹t attended a shoot at the studio before, or who is inexperienced, I will be on hand throughout the day to offer advice (both technical & artistic) where necessary IF & WHEN YOU WANT OR NEED IT, I WILL NOT interfere with your shoot only assist as and when required . However, I do reserve the right to step in, should I feel the need, only if the models levels are being exceeded. I will also help you
move props around and change backgrounds if necessary. These slots are a very good way of getting experience with a model, without being intimidated ­ I truly want you to enjoy the experience and have some images to be proud of!
If you would like to book a slot or talk to me regarding any of these points, please don’t hesitate to email or ring me.
Let me know, If you would like details of my models and/or regular emails with details of the latest Models & studio days, just give me your email address & I will add you to my mailing list.

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