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A new forum category needed?

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03 April 2013 16:55

United Kingdom

I saw the tail end of the BBC4 documentary on Saul Leiter yesterday...I found it quite fascinating and wished I had know about it in advance. I am hoping there will be a repeat just as the Bailey documentary was.

I have in the past flagged up a few programmes and exhibitions on here...but missed this one. Which made me wonder if there might be a case for a new forum heading.....along the lines of 'Members Might Be Interested In This'......or whatever might be a suitable heading..

It could be anything from the examples above to special deals on photography gear, interesting competitions, web items...whatever members feel other members might be interested in...photographically speaking that is, but outside the other categories. Someone could come up with guidelines on content.

Thoughts anyone?

Proposition Flagged For Management Consideration

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