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Very curly hair

Holly Baverstock is off-line
26 April 2013 10:43
Make-up Artist
United Kingdom

It should be dried with a diffuser and the right products to tame frizz and keep the curls defined. Diffuser must be used in the correct way, and a small section dried at a time! Then you can choose the amount of volume you get as well.

Hope that may be of some help!

Ratana Rose is off-line
26 April 2013 10:59
United Kingdom
County Durham

my sons hair is curly, we buy tonnes of anti tangle spray and use a wide tooth comb

im terrified about his hair going frizzy like so many friends with curly hair... yep people keep think its fine to just brush it through with a normal brush and that some how the curls will just magically reform people always say his hairs a mess and try to brush it - i have to bite my tongue all the time

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