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Well its a success to me.

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11 March 2013 17:51
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Quote from Mcroshaw
I'm not sure what the mechanism is to get photos on the front page ( wether they are chosen or are random ), but its nice to get some up there so well done!

Moderator Input
The Front Page Gallery is a random process which occasionally selects a small pool of
worksafe examples from the recently uploaded Premium member images - see

At least now I won't feel so gutted when one of my fave added photos encapsulating all my talent doesn't appear on the Front Page Gallery.

And I won't start thinking- "Who chose that rubbish?!?!" when something substandard appears.

An old codger like me can remember the good old days, when pics of Vicky Tavener and no other model were on the front page for months. Or was it years?!?!   

As in life, so in a game of hazard, skill will make something of the worst of throws.

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