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Under 18 Models

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David Nuttall is off-lineSilver Member
26 February 2013 07:46

United Kingdom

Sorry, another "chaperone" topic, but not the usual one.

I'm currently organising a shoot with a model who is 17 years old. The pictures will all be age-appropriate. I haven't done that for several years, so I'd like to be clearer about whether or not I should insist that she brings a chaperone. If she does, who should that be? Parent? Adult relative?

Any help on current "rules" and recommendations would be appreciated.

Purestorm is off-line
26 February 2013 08:20

United Kingdom
East Sussex

General Comments: If you are shooting a 16/17 year old for private & domestic purposes, as for example in a conventional High Street studio environment, you do not usually need parental or legal guardian consent but if the under-18 is modelling rather than paying to have their portrait taken by a commercial photographer and if you plan to subsequently use the photographs commercially or for promotional purposes or if any form of contract is being used you may well need parental permission and supervision. To avoid any complications we do not allow under-18 model profiles on Purestorm and with the exception of the occasional Parent & Child image we generally ask than only images of those over eighteen be used on portfolios on this site. If the child model is of school age there will almost certainly also be Local Education Authority licence issues to be overcome.

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