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Sculpt Gel Application Workshops or Ageing presthetics workshops

Wendie Williams is off-line
13 February 2013 09:15
Make-up Artist

United Kingdom
Greater Manchester

Does anyone know where there are any good Ageing Workshops and Sculpt Gel workshops running that are worth attending and costs.
Or Do you know if you can get sculpt gel from a supplier and pretty much teach yourself or does it require training.
Or is there a MUA out there that is good at it and could show me how to use the gel or does an ageing prosthetic workshop themselves.

Sian Jeffries-Jones is off-line
07 May 2013 11:19
Make-up Artist

United Kingdom
South Yorkshire

Hello Wendie,

I do a lot of FX make up including sculpt gel and ageing if this is something you still require then please email me and I can let you know my rates for tuition.


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