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09 May 2013 04:20

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2) Most magazines don't pay. That's the harsh truth. Unless you get a commision or there is a magazine that has a need for specific images then there is little to no chance of any payments. Too many wannabe 'famous' photographers giving their work away.

Just reread what you said. Still unsure what you mean..... 80% of my work is sold on spec. , magazines such as Heat, Closer, and most newspaper rely on freelance contributions where pictures are sent on spec. But "specific images" I guess could mean any images that appear in a magazine that the photographer then invoices for usage

It's down to the photographer to invoice the publication for usage unless it's made clear from the photographer that he is granting a licence for free usage.


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09 May 2013 08:06
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Quote from CSD_Images


I agree it would be polite for the team but it's still achiving the same objective for TF. Getting exposure, for reference I always try to contact the team members before releasing images but if they're no longer working or changed their contact details I'm not going to hunt them down that's why I have a release. For other team members it's more of a grey area.

If you make an agreement with someone that you are collaborating for both of your portfolio updates, you don't then expect the images to be published.  If someone is paying me, then I understand that they have every right to use the images where they like and have no obligation to tell me where.  I have no issues with this.  There is no point in having exposure unless a model can use the tearsheets as their names are virtually never published.

I'm not talking about a team hunting me down though, merely a photographer who has my contact details letting me know if they have had their work of me published. 

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