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Advice - making a comeback after pregnancy

02 February 2013 17:44

Hi there,

Really looking for some advice here. I had my baby girl 7 months ago and have slowly introduced myself back into shooting again. Prior to pregnancy I never really achieved much because I was always working full time and couldn't give it my all. However now approaching my mid 20's I want to give it one last big shot, maybe get some publications under my belt, get more paid / syndication work and just generally climb the ladder a little more.

I have got images to upload within the next few days which are of me now (although I don't actually look any different to the ones I have on my port) but I felt like I need to freshen up my images abit.

Advice would be really really appreciated right now

Thank you x

03 February 2013 19:10

Hi ya ..

Im on my phone so wont write much but it is achievable. My sons 7 months old and im expecting again in august. I was so worried about whether anyone was going to take even a look at me for a comeback.

All depending what your looking into doing more of i can help you. Iv been a model myself for a long time now but my job is to help girls get to where they want in the industry. Iv only been helping girls get out there in the last couple of years and its added upto way over 300 models..some who have been serious about it have gone far and doing well. If you want to discuss further il be happy to help. Send me a message when your free and we can discuss further.
Kind regards

Missy kaylo xxx

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04 February 2013 08:20
United Kingdom
West Yorkshire
Huddersfield/West Yorks/Sheffield/Manchester (Travel nationwide)

I had a baby 8mths ago and recentley coming back to modelling, i did alot prior to having her so just coming back part time good luck x
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04 February 2013 08:25
United Kingdom
West Sussex

i think you have a great chance at success regardless of having kids, your body is the same if not better than befor you had let that confidence shine through and i'm sure you will be getting lots more work soon. as you know Grace i'm doing this after kids,and after weight loss but i feel i can just do my best and hope i can acheive my goals as a model xxx

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