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mega plane phobia, think i need a plane buddy

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13 January 2013 13:51
United Kingdom

you havetime to do a relaxation course, there are plenty to pick from on cd.
Or contact a local hypnotherapist to teach you self hypnosis. this can be a great help for a lot of lifes problems that you are worried about.
so the cost in relation is negligable.

14 January 2013 18:14

Someone once told me there is a fine line between fear and excitement.

I think its perfectly natural to panic - I mean at the end of the day we are animals, its in our instincts - We shouldnt be hurtled into the sky,(not to mention being driven by a man (usually)) it goes against everything in that survival instinct thing However brains are pretty strong and it can be overcome - I would definitely see a professional, some sessions with a therapist of some kind will help you think differently and control your mind.

I was sh*t scared the first few times of flying, however I just kept telling myself how much I was enjoying it, how thrilling I found turbulence and all that - after time I believed myself, I love flying, I actually find it the most relaxing thing now - always make sure I get a window seat too, playing 'what city/mountain/island is that' passes the time wonderfully

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