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Lightroom Tutorial at Photovibestudio Friday 18th at 7pm

Kev Hurdle is off-line
06 January 2013 18:56

United Kingdom


Ladies and Gents, we have decided to postpone the Lightroom tutorial. The MET may be overstating the forecast but several companies are advising against travel.

We would not want to be complicit in causing anyone to have an accident or getting stuck - however unlikely it might turn out to be tomorrow night.

New date = Friday 1st February

Why you should attend?

It costs only £5

I will explain how it differs from other imaging software in layman’s language

I will run through a practical demonstration of my typical workflow
You can play with it in the breaks

You will get an understanding of why and how it can save you money (even those not in business)

I will provide hints and tips for settings

Attendees get a handout to accompany the session

We all get refreshments:-)

Regards, Kev.

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