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How to get a tutor account

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Gary is off-lineSilver Member
02 January 2013 18:19
United Kingdom

I regularily run training workshops out of a large studio in Stockport and was wondering how to get a tutor account on here so they can be put to the other members ?  Can't seem to find in the FAQ it only says in the studio section that persons were selected and invited to have them,

Moderator Input.
Tutor accounts are offered to well-established and widely respected Photography Tutors of note
e.g. long-standing members of our community who :-

  • have successfully published relevant instructional books / DVDs or
  • regularly offer tutorial advice features in the photography magazines or
  • run courses for one of the camera/lighting manufacturers or
  • are a Further Education Lecturer on this subject
Running workshops on behalf of a studio owner is insufficient grounds for the award of a Tutor account.

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