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Travelling around South East Asia ( Cambodia / Vietnam )

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05 January 2013 02:26

United Kingdom

I travel to SE Asia regularly and was in Vietnam in October for a month and traveled around by bus, train etc, train from Hanoi to HMC with a stop off at Hue was about £45, did a couple of touristy tours Hue, Halong Bay, food is cheap if you eat with the locals, if around Hanoi try the freshly brewed "Bia" and many types of baguettes available from the street traders... excellent.

Local's are friendly and helpful, though watch out for the "student" scams and random people stopping on their scooters as they will try to fleece you..Overall I love Vietnam and will go back. In 4 weeks I spent a grand total of £800 and that included a night in the Hardrock Cafe in Saigon for two of us at £80.00.

Cambodia is well worth a visit if only for Angkor Wat which is simply superb, suggest taking US dollars as it is accepted everywhere and less messy than the Cambodian Riel to deal with, again great people..some breathtaking scenery.... oh remember your camera!

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