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Casting for Photographers

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26 December 2012 16:13

I am a photographer who wants to pt up a casting for another photographer.
How do I do it?  It forces me to put a casting only for models.
Am I allowed to put it in the general forums (this is a paid job).
Cheers for any help in advance/


Moderator Input
If you are looking for a Photographer to shoot you just select:-
I am : Offering paid work and
I am looking for a: Photographer

The chat forums should not be used for seeking/offering shoots.
For the Casting Calls Guideline see
G09 ~§~ Creating A Casting Call ~§~

Dont blame me..i voted for the other lot :)

26 December 2012 16:24

wow thats weird
Put up a forum post asking advice and its blocked and then removed.
No email from a mod to say why either.

Moderator Input
Your question was answered above - we cannot answer and mail you at the same time!
Dont blame me..i voted for the other lot :)

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