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My boyfriend is a really terrible photographer!

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03 February 2013 09:44

Quote from strongnick
Which is worse? 'My boyfriend is a terrible photographer' or 'My photographer is a terrible boyfriend'. BTW I don't have a boyfriend who is a photographer, just in case you were wondering. No, I don't have a boyfriend at all. I have had some girlfriends and, to the best of my knowledge, none of them was a photographer. Some were good girlfriends and some were not quite so good and one or two were pretty poor, as girlfriends, and some possibly had the potential to be both good girlfriends and good photographers. None of this is relevant but it is, therefore, completely in keeping with this thread.

hahah! excellent. thank you for making me laugh!
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04 February 2013 08:15
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Quote from RattusRock

so you started dating a guy

he decided to try photography (which sounds like your idea)

you call him crap repeatedly

you refuse to work with him because he is 'crap'

you moan he doesn't want to work with you (maybe because your egotistical and insult him)

you tell him how perfect you are and how all the other good photographer want to work with you

so your going to break up with him over because ....

maybe breaking up with him would be good, i cant image what your doing to his self confidence

sorry but all in all you sound incredibly self centered, shallow and a not very nice person

my boyfriend picked up his brothers camera recently, i would ever think to call his images crap and belittle him and then post belittling him to strangers and even though there not always flattering he can practice with me when ever he wants, but maybe thats because i actually love, respect and encourage my boyfriend silly me

Said it perfectly... don't bother walking away, if he has any sense he will do it first!

A woman who spends time with a photographer, always ends up exposed!

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