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Facebook - What's the problem ???

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10 December 2012 13:39
United Kingdom

I am just wondering.

I have just read on here that people can pretend to be other people, apparently, on Facebook - and 'Purestorm' is highlighting this in terms of some-one apparently pretending to be 'them', if not once, then many different people, many different times.

I would imagine that Facebook is a reputable organisation, so isn't there a complaints proceedure or something which could be used to address this problem ?

The Pure-Storm thread I read is 'locked', so maybe I should not even wonder - but surely Facebook is accountable in some-way in terms of ensuring people are who they say they are ?

I mean, Purestorm (thank-fully) tries it's best to keep out the people with hidden agendas - because I imagine, it fears legal action other-wise and that they wish to protect their members as a caring organisation ?

So isn't Face-book expected to act similarly ?

I am a little unsure as to my point - but hope it makes sense.

Maybe not though ?
Moderator Input
Facebook has no concept of the sort of Model Safety issues which affect communities like this nor
does it adopt the same Duty of Care responsibilities to its membership that Purestorm tries to implement
We encounter serious issues with FB Fraudsters on virtually a daily basis and even though Purestorm
is a Registered Trademark we often cannot even have fake accounts using our name taken down,
There is more about this in our Premium section where many, though not all, of the fakes and fraudsters are unable to access.

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