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RIP Sir Patrick Moore

11 December 2012 16:29

Quote from carshaltonkev
My Mum's friend's husband was a keen amateur astronomer. (Before he died young.) He managed to get Patrick Moore's phone number from somewhere about 20 years ago, and left a message on his answering machine. He was soon phoned back and they had a long discussion and from then on were in regular contact and he was invited down to Selsey for a visit. How many famous people are that approachable? R.I.P.

He was quite down to earth despite his eccentricities. I booked him as a presenter for a specialist interest publicity film ten years or so ago and the only condition (he very kindly offered his time for free) was that he was picked up from home and returned there afterwards as he didn't drive. The journey to Kent and back to Selsey was memorable for several reasons but his ability to deliver 'silent-but-deadlies' without wavering from the topic being discussed was masterful.


Rod Macdonald is off-line
11 December 2012 17:03
United Kingdom

Quote from Shannow
"Proudly declaring himself to be English (rather than British) with "not the slightest wish to integrate with anybody". He has stated his admiration for controversial former MP politician Enoch Powell. Moore devoted an entire chapter ("The Weak Arm of the Law") of his autobiography to denouncing modern British society, particularly "motorist-hunting" policemen, sentencing policy, as well as the Race Relations Act, Sex Discrimination Act and the "Thought Police / Politically Correct Brigade". He later wrote that "homosexuals are mainly responsible for the spreading of AIDS (the Garden of Eden is home of Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve)"

It's a shame he was less amiable than he appeared on TV.


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