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13 December 2012 11:05
United Kingdom

Quote from mgphotomedia
I believe the theory is that TVs, HiFis, computers etc all consume power to some extent whilst in standby mode or even when switched off (eg clocks and timers) hence turning them off at the wall saves electricity.

I'm sort of assuming this is what she means. Though I do know someone who swears that if you don't switch off the switch on the socket then electricity will leak out. Nothing will convince them otherwise.

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13 December 2012 15:37

United Kingdom

Ignore the doom and gloomers and just enjoy it.
It only happens all the time.

14 December 2012 10:58

Never heard of anyone whos actually done it BUT ask your landlord to walk round with you to do the inventory when you move in AND make sure you take pictures of the flat when you move in and any damage, mould etc that occurs during your time there.

I'm speaking as a very bitter ex-tenant. Lived in a flat full of mould and have been battling ever since to get our £1,100 deposit back. NIGHTMARE.

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