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No License fee and better progs 2

diipii is off-line
22 November 2012 07:21

United Kingdom

Has anyone gone the "no TV I'll get all my stuff from the net route" and could advise me on the best route to go equipment-wise based on a Mac.

I don't want a TV set at all and will use a monitor thereby avoiding owning a receiver for broadcast TV. The aerial will go too.
Everything will come via the net and I will put up with having shows that were broadcast yesterday etc.
I am considering a Lan connection rather than relying on my router for higher connection speeds. I already have BT Infinity.


It only happens all the time.

Anthonygh is off-line
22 November 2012 08:00

United Kingdom

Seems like overkill!!

Some TVs can double as quite respectable monitors. As for getting rid of the aerial...why? Presumably this will cost money to do...and replacing it if you change your mind will cost even more?

In case the earlier posts were not needs a TV licence to watch programes at the time they are being broadcast.....and nothing more.

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