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15 November 2012 09:45

United Kingdom
East Sussex

We have just been contacted by a Model who was telephoned by someone claiming they had found her number on Purestorm. The ONLY place that phone numbers are allowed on this site are the business number fields on registered Studio profiles. Clause 6.2 of the Terms of use specifically prohibits phone numbers and email addresses being publicly posted on the site as we have known for many years that there can be serious Model Safety issues when personal contact details are made visible on websites like this. We do ask all members to give an emergency contact number on their Registration page but this is ONLY visible to the member (so they can edit it) and to Purestorm's registered Data Controller - even Moderators and other Administrators do not and cannot see this field. Alongside the phone number field we clearly state:-
Your phone number will NOT be displayed on your profile if you enter it here, it will only be used for admin purposes

Any Photographer or Agent/Agency contacting you saying they found your number on Purestorm is lying
( unless, of couse, you ignored Clause 6.2 of the Terms of Use and posted your number )

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