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Open Sessions at PhotoVibeStudio in Essex | Learn on the cheap and socialise :-)

Kev Hurdle is off-line
11 November 2012 17:26

United Kingdom

Although quite well known in the area, there may be some from Essex, Kent and Suffolk borders who don't know that we run very cheap open sessions every friday at our studio. The "Friday Frolics" are usually attended by around 10 to 15 people each week and we usually base the night on a theme. Sometimes models shooting to nude, sometimes on motorbikes, sometimes with messy stuff, sometimes musicians etc... But always a social, friendly photo related chat is on offer - together with tea and biscuits. The open sessions are mostly free, with nominal charge for shooting to cover costs. These are an opportunity to get studio experience on the cheap with experience and technical support if you need it. Come and join in - its like a camera club (but without anoraks) as someone recently said. Kev

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