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the world in ruin......

05 November 2012 09:25

In 2006 posts appeared on a Leeds based football lads forum I read occasionally claiming Saville was heavily involved in peadophile activities and also the recruitment of young children for senior politicians/celebrities/police and members of our royal family, the poster went on to say he was also implicated in the murder of children at a care home( this was 2 years before the Jersey Care Home scandal came to light),the posts were mainly laughed off at the time but nearly everything the poster said appears to be true some 6 years later, the poster has now re-apperared on the same forum claiming there will be a massive cover up from what he describes as the 'brotherhood' with Saville and the usual suspects like Glitter taking the blame and warns of dire consequences for anyone who speaks out.

Its all a bit worrying really isnt it.

Robert Blandford is off-lineSilver Member
05 November 2012 15:39
New Zealand

Saville, Glitter and now Freddy Star, I am glad I moved to NZ, here they only beat there children and admit it.

I have a feeling that there will be a cover up, because there are some people in high places that know what has gone on and will protect themselves at all costs. what's to say the Police that are investigating it are not in the know? As for David Icke It's lucky people think he's a nutter as there would be law suits flying everywhere OR is he right and thats why he is not sued?????

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