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Updated members section (on the right)

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Durham Photographics is off-lineSilver Member
29 October 2012 01:55
United Kingdom
County Durham

Is it just me having problems with this?

On the main page, there is an updated members section on the right.
When you hovver your mouse over the names a 'kind of' preview box appears.
With the names at the top, this box appears under the name so you can still click on the name, but with the names towards the bottom, the preview box apppears over their name stopping you from clicking on them (if that makes sense).
Sometimes it works, sometimes its very 'hit and miss'.

Is it just me that has this problem?
I am using IE9, but it also does it if i use my iPhone too.
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We have flagged your query for webmaster attention as only he can answer definitively
if this is an IE problem or not.

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