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Trying to sell my car on eBay, but got stuck, any ideas?

Rupie is off-lineSilver Member
24 October 2012 17:08

United Kingdom

A classic needs to be sold properly, and with a little work, care, and persaverience could be sold for more than you think. To sell a good car for good money takes time and effort. People who sell stuff for a job get burned lots, but if you know the true value its worth sticking at it. I dont know your wages but What I'm trying to say is that to earn, for example, £500 extra wages you would have to work X hours, I'm sure to get the same extra for your car would take less than X hours of work.

Ebay has no loyalty to you so dont go there, it just for general stuff. Webuyanycar would not know what to do with that and probably offer you nothing.

So find out its true value, even put in a few hours cleaning etc, to make it look like its worth more and then advertise it in normal and specialist fiat magazines, dont be afraid to say no if someone offers you stupid money and take as long as you can. You will get burned, just remember you are trying to make money and this does take effort.

Or just throw it on any old site for nothing, get rid and move on.....

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