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The majority of models simply dont deserve paid work....

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04 February 2013 05:31

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Quote from TelfordModelStudio

Ah - but is it possible that exactly those models who profess to be reliable professionals ultimately don't want to turn out for a test/tfp? Firstly, they don't need the pics. Secondly, they may think they don't need to test. Thirdly, they may indeed have been offered a paid job the same day.

Whereas an unprofessional, unreliable model may well be in want of tfp, be happy to test, and not have any paid work offered the same day.

And THEN not turn up :-)

Very True - a little like Russian Roulette on all counts ... we take the opinion that models really fit into two main catagories (there are always exceptions) (a) Genuine models who take it seriously, make some level of income from their modeling and know the benifit of a good reputation, being professional and the value of contacts/images gained by test/tfp work and understand that reputation is everything when it comes to their modeling career/success and (c) models who are new or dabble in modeling, who are probably more like the latter type you describe.... Only our opinion thou!

I just wish that models (and protographers alike) and the type they are ... were easier to spot! ;-) It would save us alot of wasted time/money!

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