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Anyone had a Hernia op?

14 November 2012 10:10

Bit of a late reply I had mine done about 18 years ago when I was a young lad of 22 ,back home within the day spent the best part of two weeks in bed or hobbling around the house didn't drive for nearly a month and 6 weeks off work I went back to work due to being bored stuck at home , the initial pain after he hernia repair was far worse than the discomfort of the hernia I would say it took me a good few months to feel fully back upto strength and still occasionally get a aching pain if I've had a few heavy days at work but worth having it done, for his sake don't make him laugh after the op or give him anything that could make him sneeze the pain can make you feel like you are being ripped in half ,and for the first couple of days don't get out of bed I got up to go to the bathroom a few hours after getting home collapsed on the floor and had to be rescued not funny lying on on the bathroom floor in your undies having your dad and his mates pick you up to put you back in bed ,hope all goes well for him

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14 November 2012 11:58
United Kingdom

Had one last christmas. Due another this christmas. Lucky me :-) would just add that hes better off in the long term allowing time for recovery if he can. Hope all goes well.

14 November 2012 12:09

i had a hernia for 7 years (from 12 to 19 it randomly appeared the same time i hit puberty but dont know if its linked) and doctors refused to do anything about it when i was 12/13/14 because i was young and after so long i stopped going to them the hernia was next to my uterus and felt like a golf ball but when i was pregnant the pressure of a full womb for 8 months must of held it in the correct place and it must of heeled because i haven't had a problem since and its been 4 years nearly

i wish your pop pop good luck with the hernia and just take it easy for a while once its heeled he should be able to do everything as normal
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14 November 2012 12:45

United Kingdom

Mine was a major hernia, and I spent 11 weeks hobbling around (6 weeks at home) before I was allowed to drive. It was invasive surgery, and I spent a night in hospital. If possible, get it done through key-hole surgery.

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