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smokey eye makeup?help!

17 November 2012 13:48

Have a look at Pixiwoo on youtube, they do makeup tutorials

18 November 2012 14:07

Quote from fizzy
If there's a Fenwicks near you, you can book a makeover appointment at the Illamasqua counter (I think it's about £20) and they'll show you any makeup look you want, and the price is redeemable off any makeup you buy.


I called in once for an overhaul when a friend from leicester was working there for the day and she did some unbelievably fabulous natural daytime makeup on me. Almost seems sinful to only have had her do that when she was working on a counter famous for its more avant garde style, but i am still using her eyebrow technique and contouring on my cheek and brow.

I also find for what you get for your money, its more reasonable than MAC. Foundations last longer etc etc.

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13 April 2013 16:40
United Kingdom
West Yorkshire

I work for ysl and were trained religiously on smokey eyes and structured eyes.
The girls are more than happy to give you any help they can

16 April 2013 15:48

This is my go too look. My tip is go with the creases of your eye lid, don't go too far out of the eye socket with the darker shades, and pile a load of shimmery cream colour shadow on the middle of your lid and inner corner. Hope this helps!!

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