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02 March 2014 09:02

Marylin Monroe's vital statistics. Show me a British size 8 that fits into those. It's well known that she was not a "normal" (standard?) size. My partner is a professional fashion designer with a degree, when I gave her those statistics she said the average size for would be a British size 12, thought work would be needed to make adjustments due to the variations.

However, if someone is a British size 6 or size 26, if they're happy then what does it matter? "Morbidly Obese" is an offensive term penned to create headlines. I've got friends who are clinically "Morbidly Obese" but are the happiest souls you could wish to meet. I have another friend who is a proportional dress size but she's 6'3" and is very unhappy. I once hired a bar staff who was so short I had to put a step behind the bar so the could reach the beer taps. She thought it was funny, another might have mental issues over such a lack of height.

Some people are just destined to be small or big, period. It's the ones who think of food as either a comfort or an enemy who need help, and categorising someone as "Morbidly Obese" - in my opinion anyway - is no way to help someone with excess weight problems.
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02 March 2014 10:41
United Kingdom

Quote from Chrissie_Red
This is true, I remember taking my cardigan off a few years ago in front of my sister and her kids. One of them made a comment about my ribs being "disgusting", I tried "defending" myself to no avail. One of my nieces said "no offence but I would rather be fat than unwell looking". My sister is a size 20, has never been happy with her weight and for years i've been taunted by her for being "disgusting/having no boobs etc".

Without wanting to sound crass, Chrissie, but for a slender girl you're not exactly lacking in boobs and you've got a good curve from your waist out over your hips.
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02 March 2014 16:54
United Kingdom

Quote from HMansfield
Without wanting to sound crass, Chrissie, but for a slender girl you're not exactly lacking in boobs and you've got a good curve from your waist out over your hips.

Thank you .

I'm not even that skinny now, Just my ribs stick out and I have a flat tummy.. The rest of me isn't exactly "thin".

People get offended when their doctor uses medical terms - obese etc.

My doctor called me "scrawny" once, now thats not a medical term at all. If they had said "underweight" I wouldn't have minded so much.

02 March 2014 22:04

I join this necro-thread to give you an important PSA...

Weight is not a good indicator of health when taken by itself. It's one indicator, sure, but it's not the be all and end all. Cardiovascular fitness is a lot more important - better to be fat and active than thin and sedentary. For example, I weigh 80kgs (12.5 st) and my BMI scores me as very overweight. The doctor doesn't care. The doctor says I'm in great health. I pole dance, do ballet, go the gym, and stretch most mornings - I'm fine.

In fact I'm much healthier now, at a size 12/14, than I was when I started modelling at an 8/10. But when I started modelling I was still on the rebound from an eating disorder. The NHS's BMI calculator said I was an ideal weight at my lightest, now it warns me to lose weight - but when it thought I was healthy I was fainting on trains and sick from stress. Weight is most definitely not the best indicator of health.
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