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What Happens To Images If My Account Is Downgraded

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12 September 2012 12:30
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If a member's account downgrades, possibly due to a failed transaction after a new card has been issued or there is insufficient funds after the third attempt to take the subscription payment out, all images will remain on the image server but only ten will remain visible. When the account is upgraded again all images should instantly reappear, usually still in the same order,  folders and placement as before the downgrade. However if any images are self-deleted between downgrade and upgrade you will lose them forever so please ensure you have taken a copy before deleting.

If unsure about how to Upgrade, Downgrade or change card details just go to the FAQs link at the bottom of any page.

Should you decide to downgrade to a lower level - e.g. Gold to Silver or Silver to Free - and you wish to retain specific images please remove the unwanted images prior to downgrading, but remember that if you self-delete images they will not reappear when you next upgrade. Also if you drop a level without deleting any images you will not be able to add any new ones until you have removed all excess, or hidden, images from the image server. For example, if you have 20 images on a Silver profile and revert to Free status you will need to delete at least 11 before you can add a new one to your downgraded account. To do this just keep deleting the very last image that is visible to you until only 9 remain on view, at which point you wil be able to use the Image Upload facility again.

Footnote: If intending to Downgrade your WorldPay subscription please do so at the end of your subscription period and not part way through the term you have just paid for as the secure online banking transaction (which Moderators cannot override) is instantaneous and the bank will automatically command our server to reduce your membership level for you as per your instruction to Terminate With Immediate Effect. WorldPay will contact you through the email address you used to register the banking transaction, so please ensure that you whitelist them if your email provider offers a blacklist facility. Note that on electronic banking security grounds Moderators do not get access to members' banking details or confidential passwords, so we are unable to reinstate lapsed upgrades or upgrade from one level to another on your behalf. Sorry.

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