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12 September 2012 08:37

When u go to get ur blood taken tell them ur fear ask if u can lie down to have the blood taken and also if you have struggled to have blood taken before tell the nurse they will appreciate knowing this and may use a small butterfly needle in the back of your hand ( if ur like me thats ur best vein) it's tiny You will barely feel it,

I have an underactive thyroid it was only found because I started loosing my hair I put my weight gain down to having a second child and being older. After some blood test I found out it was an underactive thyroid also Because of the thyroid problem I also suffer from a very high cholesterol, it is important you have the tests and get the treatment.

Unfortunately if u do have a thyroid problem you are going to have to learn to deal with your fear as they have to check your levels regularly to get the dosage right.

Good luck I hope all goes well

12 September 2012 10:53
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19 April 2013 12:00

I am so dam proud. Had my blood test taken last week, the nurse was brilliant and I'm going to go back to her personally when I have to have more blood taken. I didn't throw up, faint or panic or cry like the last few times, and I actually got it done!! I was given diasipam (can't spell it) before hand so I think that helped and I think the mini op a few days before that helped too. Turns out yes I have hypothyroidism (low thyroid) and I'm going to talk to the doctor about it on tuesday so I'm guessing they are going to put me on thyroxin, which means I won't continue struggling to lose weight and boob mass, my skin should hopefully clear up, I won't be constantly tired and moody my sex drive will be higher and I won't be constantly ill! Woooo I would literally dance but I have the most painful UTI so I've been told to stay in bed. BED DANCING FOR ME!!!
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Hugh is off-lineGold Member
19 April 2013 12:31
United Kingdom

Well done.
Really brave!
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