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Cinematic workshop with Andrew Appleton, 22nd & 23rd Sept

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02 September 2012 12:27
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United Kingdom

For two days we are going to immerse ourselves in the fantastic world of the big screen and how we can recreate some iconic images using a DSLR and Photoshop.

On day 1 we go back to the 30s and 40s of Hollywood when glamour was glamorous and photographers like Georg Hurrell battled with massive 10,000 watt studio lights and temperamental stars. We’ll recreate some classic Hollywood glamour with the help of a top stylist and make-up artist and a professional model. We’ll be using a mixture of studio flash, small speed-lights and constant lighting. From the 30s and 40s we go to Film Noir made famous by films like The Third Man and The Big Sleep. We won’t have Bogart and Bacall but our models, MUA and stylist together with smoke machine and some dramatic lighting will help you get the real Film Noir look. After the shoots we’ll get stuck into workflow and processing to put the finishing touches to the images.

On day 2 we head out on location, the idea is to shoot two different sets that capture the feel of 60s art-house movies and then come right up to date with a look at the style of Jean Pierre Jeunet. Again our model, MUA and stylist will be on hand throughout the shoot. Back in the studio we’ll work on some processing techniques in Photoshop. Lunch and refreshments are provided on both days and on the Saturday night there is a social for those that want to attend. There are a maximum of 6 places on this course which means it is very hands on.

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02 September 2012 13:10
United Kingdom
South Yorkshire

I'm a big fan of both looks, especially Jeunet (and Caro).

Do you have a price and examples, please.

And is it possible to attend just one day, rather than both?


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03 September 2012 03:37
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Hi Dave, full details of the workshop are on my website:, there is also a guest blog by Alan Fretten who has attended one of these in the past which should give you a good idea of what goes on.

The course is designed to run over two days as we pack a lot in; styling, lighting, processing are all covered and we have two professional models plus a top MUA.

If you need any more info drop me a PM or contact me via the website.

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