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How many models actually shoot nude TF?

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Hugh is off-lineGold Member
03 September 2012 07:02
United Kingdom

Quote from mattharper
Sorry, Hugh, I don't agree with this.

Good Lord, is that what it meant!

I was a little worried about the bodily fluids.
It's not Fine Art just because it's in Black and White.

Mike Riot is off-line
03 September 2012 09:00
United Kingdom

Quote from AbiHillModel

LOL qft.

I get shot down in a ball of pink flames on a regular basis for criticising some of the TF arrangements/thought processes on here!

And you will do again! Why do some many people care about what OTHERS are doing? Worry about your own life and not what other people do! Jesus!

Quote from clearview_photography
Sounds fine, just one thing, who pays for travel

Depends on who is going where and stuff

Quote from mattharper
This can also be the case for models, what they are showing is themselves and their ability or willingness to do certain levels, none of them is more valuable than the others, unless they are being sold.  If anyone would care to have a stab at what proportion of images on here are sold, crack on, likewise, how many photographers are selling the style of images they have on their portfolios?  A few, but not many, so the value is purely in what the model wants to portray and similarly, the photographer, unless he or she is doing it, as said, to get access to naked girls, then USUALLY, the resultant images aren't that good. 

I like Matt, he speaks the truth
"Mike - The riot even the Kaiser Chiefs didnt predict" - clearview_photography

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