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Castings by region filter.

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18 August 2012 06:45

Wold it be possible to have a filter on castings?

Ie Yorkshire, London etc?

Would save lots of time

Moderator Input
The ability to filter by Region has existed for a couple of years.
However it does rely on members opting to set a region when creating their Casting Call.

It is accessible through the right hand option in the Menu bar on the main
Casting Calls page.

Yorkshire is in this dark blue Region

Durham Photographics is off-lineSilver Member
18 August 2012 06:51
United Kingdom
County Durham

I live in Durham, so i will pick North East. This can cover anything from Leeds to Scotland.
If i could pick Durham, then i would miss all the ones from Newcastle, Teesside and North Yorkshire (all of which are a stones throw from me) as its too specific.
I think (for me) its better the way it is.

18 August 2012 06:58

I mean instead of trailing through all castings I can filter it own to models who have posted castings who live in Yorkshire or shooting in Yorkshire. I don't men the search profiles sectiom

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