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17 August 2012 12:40

regarding the data thing - my other job is within the media and marketing industry. A customer has to opt in to receive third party mailing permission from other companies. However, whilst it is okay to release postal addresses to a third party, emails would have to be broadcast from the data owner for whom the customer opted in to receive third party information from, releasing emails for another third party to use to the said third party is illegal and against the data protection act as the only way you can track usage of email is if you're sending it yourself - if you give it to someone else you can't monitor the number of times used and there is no way of seeding it. When the data is given to third parties it is never sold, only licenced - the data never belongs to anyone other than the data owner.
Yay I got to use my geekiness hehe

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17 August 2012 15:40
United Kingdom

OK I stand corrected, but the point remains that whether one is selling advertising space within a site, selling the site itself, selling a mailing list, or merely touting for members, being able to prove that your membership is active must surely be of value to potential buyers or members.
Laurence J. Power

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