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Wedding 'TFP'

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21 August 2012 17:55
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Quote from HowardJ
I don't really have a bug with TF in any job. As I tried to say in my post there's always a situation where working on a TF basis works for anyone (model, photographer, model, cook, bottle washer, etc.). As I've said before I've seen amazing images on here produced by amazing combinations of models and photographers and doing them on TF would make perfect sense to me as you're getting an amazing image that's of huge benefit to both parties. The problem I have is some photographers automatically saying a model needs to do TF for a year or two to train and if they don't they're money grabbers. I don't believe this is totally true. Sure some models will, but I don't consider it to be a general rule and I wouldn't call someone a money grabber because they choose to only do paid shoots. We all need money to pay our bills.

Hmmm... Howard did seem to say something different earlier in this thread.

As I've been trying to say all along if the images are good quality and of long term value i.e. they're really good images or give the model the experience she wanted then it makes perfect sense to do TF.  I also said earlier in this thread that it makes perfect sense for anyone to do TF if they feel they're gaining something of real values.  It was more the attitude and the quality of the images of some photographers that I was whinging about earlier.

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