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models [or photographers] not tagging

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11 August 2012 12:34

United Kingdom
West Ealing

How do i get a image removed from a models portfolio as she has not tagged me and this was the agreement for the shoot


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11 August 2012 12:43
United Kingdom
West Midlands

Just communicate effectively with the model.

Have you tried a phone call to her to ask for the tagging to be added?

if its who I think it then it looks like she does not tag any of the images in her profile. Maybe she just doesn't know how to do it? I think people sometimes struggle as you have to enter the user's number not their username and sometimes people don't know where to find it.

If she refuses then life is too short... you've learned your lesson, move on and enjoy life.

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11 August 2012 12:58

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Quote from shaunhodge
this was the agreement for the shoot regards shaun

We suggest sending a PM reminding the other member of the agreement.
Make sure you tell them what your ID number is - third line in the list on your profile.
If the other member refuses to honour the agreement and you wish to seek arbitration either
use the Contact us link or [Report to admin] any internal message on the subject from the other party.

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