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Wanted: Hair extentions, micro ring or clip ins

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10 August 2012 05:41

hi i was wondering if anyone had and blonde extentons they are selling or know of any one in the north east of england that sell them cheap as I'm looking to get them back in, sadly i dreadlocked my blonde extensions for an alt shoot and need some more

thanks for reading

10 August 2012 06:20

Go to sallys (If you have one)
I had extensions when I was 14 (not now) and mine were very very cheap from them and f'in amazing (real hair too)

10 August 2012 06:56

There's a lot of places online u can order from, u can order from sallys online too. I got blonde ones from them a few years ago and they werent expensive and really good quality ... I'm on about clip in ones as I find the bonds, micro rings, weaved all ruined my hair.

Kayleigh x

10 August 2012 08:05

do you know the price ranges please x

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27 December 2012 11:50

United Kingdom

I have my old ones for sale have a look at my blond , they have been dyed from red back to blond and are atill in good nick the pics on my pf with long hair I have thoose ones in , ill sell them for 20 pounds
There 18inch , come with all clips already sewd in etc etc , they dye really well I always use remy hair wich is ment to be the best of the best !

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