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Big boobs and boob jobs (Resurrected Topic)

24 October 2014 01:59

I had them and wouldn't recommend them, they always come out as being dangerous and have to be removed
eventually due to this. there were the gummy bears, the soya bean, the PIP (ones I had) and loads
more all now BANNED. if your an intelligent, health conscious person this will cause you mental
torture - constantly worrying about your health.

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27 October 2014 12:42
United Kingdom

Quote from alshepherd
I scar quite easily, I know with boob jobs they tend to do it through the armpit or under the breast. It would be mainly for aesthetic reason as I think it looks better under clothes. But between hairdressing and boobs I have bad back problems and it been affecting my elbows and wrist the last 6 months. x

Enhancements are done in a variety of ways. Entering in the armpit is one, under thebreast is another.

What you are talking about is reduction, or mastopexy, this is NOT done through the armpit or just under the breast. There will be a T shaped scar, on each breast,  as described by the poster above. Mastoprxy is much more difficult. If you go for it be very sure that you are using a surgeon who is registered with BAAPS, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and has experience ofmastopexy. I used to make a lot of money shooting naused up mastopexies when the patient was taking the surgeon to court. Done badly you can end up with very badly shaped breasts or one or more breasts missing.

If your breasts are giving you serious neck-pain, it is possible to get it done on the NHS but the orthopaedic need has tobe real and demonstrable.
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