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FS: Mens full length latex skirt

04 August 2012 12:31

Ok, long shot but you never know who is looking!

I'm selling a Detachable Samurai Latex Skirt, by Breathless, in black and red, details here:…

I've worn it about 4 times over a couple of years for clubs and it's in great condition. There's a couple of dark marks on the red, near the waistline but you can't see them from a foot away and I suspect they'll come off when shining it up.

Size is Xl. I'm 6 foot and 34" waist and it fits me perfectly, hanging to just below ankle length (I wear a long trouser, so it's quite a long item). It has 2 studs on either side and of course it stretches.

Wonderful item, only selling as I bought a new, heavier one from the same company and my black / red outfit is out the window.

These are 105.00 new so I'm looking for 75.00, inc rec. delivery.

UK only please.

Send PM if interested.
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04 August 2012 12:38

Not interested in buying, obviously, but your link is broken!
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04 August 2012 13:14

dammit, thanks. worked on fetlife, didn't notice the truncate.
Modesty is just arrogance in stealth mode

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