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Data Protection Act and information stored.

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02 August 2012 02:54
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Hello to All

If anyone can assist by giving an understanding of the Act please.
I thought it is that if an indviduals personal information or own name is stored electronically it must be shared with the person concerned. so they have full access to see the storned information written about the person.  Third parties are not allowed to see this , as well as the person concerned can't have access to any third party information such as names and addresses.  
No on a small pc but as a club , company , a member of a site.

 As I say if anyone can agree or correct me please do so , or give a better understanding . Many thanks


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02 August 2012 03:08
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The Data Protection Act is VERY complex and if one is storing personal data on other people (as many who deal with clients have to do) and does not understand it fully we recommend seeking advice from someone who is proficient and qualified in this area. Purestorm's registered Data Controller spent many long days and nights researching the topic and seeking advice due to the complexity of the Act. It should be pointed out that the Act basically concerns processible data on an individual and does not cover much of the general information voluntarily provided by individuals or the likes of private conversations and reports etc. which are non-processible and in the latter case often covered by privacy legislation which outranks the DPA.

To give some idea of the complexity of this issue, even the Police have to provide our Data Controller with formal Data Protection Act paperwork before our Police Liaison Officer can reveal any processible data or not clearly visible personal information  to them such as contact information or IP addresses etc. (even when they are investigating a crime or an alleged crime).

Mostly processible personal data covers things like financial affairs, medical records, addresses, personal contact information and the like. This link should help those who think they may need to register.


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