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advice please [Has Been Turned Into Another Chaperone Thread]

02 August 2012 14:09
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I took a chaperone with me for my first couple of shoots, mostly to pay lip-service to my other halfs concerns for safety (after a previous non modelling incident) for a little while. I can honesty say that I much prefer working 1-1 with a photographer, a chaperone just put me off as I had another person to worry about if the shoot overran, we wanted to switch location etc.

Do your reference checks and make sure someone at home knows what time train you should be getting home, the location of the shoot and the photographers name and you'll be fine. You could even arrange to receive a call 10 minutes after the planned finishing time if you are really worried.
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02 August 2012 14:26

If you have worked with photographers more local to you on a 1 to 1 basis and never had a problem in doing so then there is no reason why you should feel uneasy if its a little further from home providing they have the suitable references etc. If its the prospect of being so far away from home that concerns you then just do a few extra checks for your own piece of mind, i.e. message models that have worked with the said photographer previously.
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02 August 2012 15:53
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Quote from DerwentPromotions
This post is surprising given the notes on her profile:

"I have worked with a wide variety of photographers on a diverse range of shoots. I have done studio work and I am also happy working with the elements on location."


I am looking to broaden my portfolio by experimenting with new things. I can be versitile with my look and don't scare easily. I consider myself a laid back fun loving girl who enjoys a challenge.

She has been a member for 3 weeks though.

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03 August 2012 04:53
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Model lives in town A, shoots with photographer from Town A - doesn't need a chaperone
Model lives in Town A shoots with photographer from Town B quite a distance from Town A, feels she needs a chaperone.

BTW Is a model from town B more at risk with the photographer from Town A or B??

Please discuss
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