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tonning up!!!

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02 August 2012 16:27

Eat clean, and you will resist all the S.A.D foods.
Clean foods are everything thats not man made. make everything from scratch every meal you have should be made with fresh ingredients lots of high protein foods. Chicken,pork turkey fish. lots of vegetables and fruits,switch from normal milk to almond,coconut milk ,rice milk.  You can make stir frys, warm salads,the list goes on.
Include whole grain rices pulses etc. have lots of herbs and spices in your cuboards.

S.A.D foods are your standard american Diet. Full of crap that have no nutriential benefits to the Human Body whats so ever. 
By making small changes to start with you will be surprised how much better from inside you will feel.

Exercises; Weights, hulahoop,skipping.  and these simple exercises.The plank ( i swear by this ) and  a dive bomber plank , will work up a sweat,squats, lunges, burpees. do these each for 50secs rest for 10secs. so your jumping straight from one exercise to the other.

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06 August 2012 04:58
United Kingdom

Floor exercise's like the bicycle and sofa sit ups are good and russian sqauts,i also eat good fats such as avacados and nuts

06 August 2012 05:30

Quote from charlotte90
.... exercise to tone up body fat ....

you can't tone fat... only muscle... as has been said eat well: you are what you eat.  

And exercise.... yep a proprer workout... if you are not getting, at least, a little breathless ( not just sweating ) you are doing no more than keeping your joints moving...

To tone you need to work your muscles.

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15 August 2012 11:13
United Kingdom

Tone-Up & Lose body fat =

The long term solution is the best solution, and that means changing your body composite by adding new muscle. This doesn't mean bulk and size, but simply regularly breaking down and regenerating muscle cells.
For most people everyday life is pretty sedentary and their muscles are just not active enough. Your body doesn't think they are so important as a result, and your stores deplete over time. With that your metabolism drops, and your metabolism dictates how well you use foods as fuel as oppossed to storing them as fat. The best way to improve or sustain overall health is to resistance train. This could be with weights like dumbbells or resistance bands (which are elastic). You can make your resistance training more and more cardiovascular by training in circuits (a loop of exercises swiftly repeated one after the next for any number of laps).

I do most of my cardio exercise by circuit strength training and when I occassionally run, swim or cycle long distance by heart and lungs are ready for it.

Feel free to get in touch about specific exercises for specific parts of the body, but for good muscle tone up and down the body, and a great way to refresh your muscles I recommend Lunges and Push-Ups. Two exercises that can be done absolutely anywhere, with no additional equipment ... and they can both be strong cardio exercises too as many large areas of muscle are used during these movements.

I'm coming from an extensive health and exercise background. Hope you'll achieve!!


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