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confidence issues how do you cope?

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01 August 2012 19:45
United Kingdom

Like others have said its normal not to wake up thinking "god don't I look great today" - I never wake up thinking like that.

I do look like my pictures but they are not what I see when I look in the mirror, not sure if that makes much sense but that is how I generally feel.
It sounds weird but I have confidence in myself as a model - I know I'm a good model but I don't have confidence much in the way I look most of the time.
So I don't know if there is a secret other than keep on going until you are confident at what you are doing, if you don't feel confident just act confident.
Like if I smile even when I feel rubbish eventually I actually start to feel happy - maybe because my smiling makes others happy around me who knows.

I shoot fairly often with my partner and sometimes when I look at the back of the camera I think "god I look awful" and we stop shooting because I lose my mojo a little and my confidence.. A few weeks later I will look at the pictures again and forget what it even was I didn't like about them or the thing I disliked isn't even apparent to me anymore.

I don't generally look at other models and think "she has a better body/hair/face" I used to a bit at the start but now Its irrelevant to me, I admire other models and see their beauty but that is theirs and not mine. I think the older I get the more happier I am within myself, I don't really stress out anymore about how I look because one day we will all be old and wrinkly so we need to make the most of our youth and looks now.


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02 August 2012 14:19
United Kingdom
Milton Keynes

Quote from gerda_babbii

You would say that lol your stunning

Lol thank you

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